I just received this letter from Trixie Foster in the United Kingdom.
08 Dec 2015 – An acceptable risk? The use of Lariam for military personnel – oral evidence | PDF version (318 KB) Opens in a new windowHC 567 | Published 11 Jan 2016Evidence given by Dr Ashley Croft, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) A G Marriott MBE, Trixie Foster, Dr Remington Nevin

Thank you, Trixie, and Dr. Nevin, for your dedicated advocacy on behalf of all veterans who have suffered adverse effects because of receiving the anti-malaria drug, mefloquine or Lariam. BONNIE

Dear Bonnie
Thought you may like to see this.  I was one of the witnesses for the Inquiry on 8th December and Remington Nevin flew over for the day to give evidence.  On 12 January they questioned the Surgeon General, his advisers and the Minister of Defence Personnel & Veterans.  We got an apology for all those who were given Lariam without an individual risk assessment.
Here are the links – The British Broadcasting Service News programme did quarter of an hour on it last Tueasday so on the link click on 12 Jan Tuesday news.  I have attached the transcript in case you do not wish to watch it on the Defence Select Committee website.  There are also many submissions that we wrote to get the Inquiry.  I do hope this will help all the Canadian Veterans.  You can also see Remington Nevin’s Twitter which is on top of things too.  Australian Veterans are also asking for an Inquiry.

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