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Getting help for veterans and citizens suffering from the adverse effects of mefloquine or Lariam is the government’s responsibility to right the suffering its mandatory position has caused. Continue reading

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Ramping-up Your Suspense (part 1)

Now that FutureWord has published a few illustrated children’s books, we are graduating to novels. Two more children’s storybooks may be going out this year, but our goal is set for five novels to be released by September. A lot … Continue reading

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Ronnie and BB

Make video montages at http://www.OneTrueMedia.com

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FutureWord Publishing Donates Books For Charity Event

FutureWord Publishing has donated a limited number of books to benefit cancer patient, Lily Anderson. Lily Anderson, 8, was diagnosed Sept. 10 with advanced neuroblastoma cancer in the form of a large tumor in her abdomen. Money is needed for … Continue reading

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FutureWord’s latest addition–Best-selling author, Michelle Izmaylov

The staff at FutureWord is buzzing with excitement. They have a Sci-fi/Fantasy Editor for Young Adults and she’s an accomplished published author. Cheryl Haynes, president of FutureWord, told this interviewer, “Michelle Izmaylov can edit any genre, but she is very … Continue reading

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Laurie Foston to publish independently

I’m Laurie Foston but my real name is Cheryl Haynes. I’m published under the pseudonyms Cheryl Henry Hodgetts in the Hebrew language for the title, Leon the Chameleon. My stories are broken down by their genres to have different pseudonyms. … Continue reading

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Future of the written word

The future of publishing…has now become the prediction from the past. A comment from Authors’ Crossroad Think Tank “Writers need to come to grips with the electronic medium. My downloads out sell my hard copies at least 4 to 1. … Continue reading

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